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Megaphones, vibrators, drills, improperly used electric guitars and a grand piano as an operating table. The multi-instrumentalists from Ensemble S201 are trained musicians, but they define the ensemble playing in their very own way.

Theater Filidonia


The experimental artist collective Theater Filidonia is a group of approx. 20-30 members from various fields including music, theater, dance, installation and film.Theater Filidonia deal with themes inspired by current social and societal issues in interdisciplinary and interactive theater performances, in which the various arts are linked equally and across borders.

Treske Quartet


Formed in 2017, The Treske Quartet is an emerging ensemble based in Manchester, UK. They are known for their dynamic performances interweaving contemporary with traditional through innovative and engaging programming. Currently young quartet in residence at Royal Irish Academy of Music in Dublin, they engage with students giving workshops, coaching and performances. 


Guitarist, Vocalist and Composer Loy Wesselburg and Robert Wheatley met  performing together at a free improvisation concert. The duo work together on a mixture of composed music and improvisation, with electronics and looping being an integral feature in their music, ranging from laid back jazz to freaky experimental impro. 

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